Thursday, April 20, 2023

What are the causes of flatulence in the infant and ways to avoid them?

Flatulence in children:

The problem of flatulence is one of the most common problems in children, which causes the child to cry, feel constant stomach cramps, and be unable to sleep. because of his pain. Many mothers ask about the reason that increases gases in the abdomen in children; Therefore, we will mention in this article the causes and ways to avoid the problem of flatulence.

Causes of flatulence in children:

  • satisfactory reasons; Such as inflammation of the kidneys, or the presence of a blockage in the intestine, poor absorption of food, or the child being constipated, or the presence of an umbilical hernia in children.

  • Baby sleeping straight when breastfeeding; Therefore, the baby's head should be raised above the level of his stomach when feeding.

  • The inappropriateness of artificial milk for the child; Therefore, the mother should consult a doctor about the quality of milk suitable for the child, and make sure that the nipple is perforated, suitable for the child's mouth, and that the milk does not flow quickly to avoid the child swallowing a large amount of air.

  • Not burping the baby after feeding; The child must be burped after completing the feeding; This is done by patting him on his back in a simple way and carrying him straight, by placing his head on the shoulder, or it is possible to stretch the child on his stomach and massage his back to help expel gases and burp him faster.