Saturday, April 1, 2023

What are the causes of stubbornness in children?.. Getting rid of the feeling of discomfort and mental pain. Identity preservation. The desire for revenge

Reasons for children's stubbornness:

Stubbornness has many and varied causes that differ from one child to another, so we will mention to you the most common ones:

For the purpose of satisfying their desires and for you to recant your opinion:

Your child is very stubborn when he knows that this behavior will put pressure on you to respond to his wishes and requests.

Get rid of the feeling of discomfort and psychological pain:

Your child gets upset when you try to control him, not allowing him to play with the ball in the TV room may seem very controlling despite your positive intention behind your behavior however, from your child's perspective, he sees that you are taking away his freedom and he starts to feel pain which makes him stubborn whenever you give it to him an order.

Preserving identity:

If your child is the type that is very interested in his identity and would like to preserve his ideas and beliefs, he may differ a lot with people who are different from him with ideas, and in such a situation, he becomes very stubborn to the extent that he does not even think about the point of view of others, as this type of stubbornness can hinder the development of the child and affect Poorly related to other children.

Desire for revenge:

Your child may show stubbornness and take revenge on other children or people who have caused him pain and get angry at them whenever he gets the chance.