Saturday, April 1, 2023

What are the exercises to increase the intelligence of the child?.. Indoor and outdoor exercises and games. Yoga. Puzzles

Exercises to increase the intelligence of the child:

Some activities and exercises can help stimulate a child's brain and boost his intelligence levels, such as:

Indoor and outdoor exercises and games:

Outdoor games are necessary because they bring children closer to nature and breathing fresh air in the morning hours, and this is important for the health of the child’s mind, as parents can choose games such as badminton, basketball, and others that teach the child sportsmanship, patience, and strategizing, and all of these things will always help your children increase their intelligence level.


It is one of the best methods that you can choose for your children for mental and physical health, and researchers found that the level of intelligence of children who practice yoga daily is more than that of ordinary children.


Once again, children were able to recognize colors and patterns and work on solving them, thus developing and developing different parts of the brain, as a result, increasing intelligence levels.