Wednesday, April 19, 2023

What are the mistakes that mothers make when the child's temperature rises?

Child's fever:

There are many reasons that lead to a child’s temperature rising at different times, and this matter greatly worries mothers, as they seek in various ways to reduce the child’s temperature, but they may sometimes be unaware that some of these methods are wrong and harmful to the child’s safety. So here are the most prominent mistakes that mothers make when the child's temperature rises.

Mistakes made by mothers when the child's temperature rises:

  • One of the most prominent mistakes that mothers make when a child's temperature rises is relying on the palm of the hand to measure and estimate the temperature, which is very wrong and inaccurate, and it does not give you the correct confirmation of the high temperature or not. In this context, mothers must resort to a thermometer that helps determine its temperature in an accurate and correct manner, which helps the child to obtain the appropriate treatment.

  • Also, mothers often rush to give medicine to the child when his temperature rises, and this is very wrong, as the temperature can be the result of a strong reaction by the body towards a specific component or some defect, so taking the medicine in a random way may worsen the condition . Therefore, no medicine should be given to the child without consulting the specialist doctor.

  • Also, one of the mistakes that mothers make when the child’s temperature rises is resorting to ice or very cold compresses, and this is very wrong, as it can expose the child to a strong shock as a result of the great conflict between his body temperature and the temperature of the compresses. Therefore, in this context, it is necessary to pay attention to the use of lukewarm compresses that help to reduce the temperature gradually and not quickly.

  • In addition, many mothers rush to provide antibiotics to the child, which makes his immune system weak and unable to resist all the diseases and viruses that he is exposed to without antibiotics. Therefore, in this case, a doctor should also be consulted who can provide the child with the appropriate and correct treatment according to his medical condition.