Sunday, April 30, 2023

What are the physical and psychological characteristics of the teenage stage? And what are its problems?

Characteristics of adolescence:

Physical characteristics:

A group of physical changes that appear on the adolescent begin at the beginning of his entry into adolescence, where his weight begins to increase, height and muscle strength increase, and from here the child becomes taller and heavier than he feels strong, and girls begin to grow breasts and hair appears in sensitive areas, The voice of boys also changes to become hoarse, and hair begins to appear in their chin, body and sensitive areas.

Psychological characteristics:

The adolescent is exposed to major hormonal changes that affect his psychological state, as his mood is affected by joy or sadness a lot, and he may have a set of contradictory feelings, and he cannot fully form an opinion and be more connected with friends and distanced from family and family, and he is more dangerous to him as he needs this Stage to family instead of choosing bad friends. Some psychological disorders may also develop in the teenager until he becomes depressed.

Adolescence problems:

  • Your teenage child's inability to make decisions, which exposes him to constant criticism from the family and parents.
  • Adolescents tend to engage in emotional adventures that often fail and cause them psychological harm.
  • Tends to try deviant methods such as smoking and drugs, for example.
  • Staying with friends outside the home for long periods of time may be all night for no apparent reason.
  •   He always tries to gain independence, which is rejected by his parents and family, which exposes his psyche to injury.