Sunday, April 30, 2023

What are the reasons for a child's sudden refusal to breastfeed?.. hormonal changes. Oral thrush

Reasons why a child suddenly refuses to breastfeed:

Many children are exposed to the problem of breastfeeding strike, which is a period of time in which the child who used to breastfeed suddenly refuses to breastfeed. This problem does not occur before the child reaches at least three months, and begins to interact with the outside world. .

Some mothers confuse the symptoms of a breastfeeding strike with the child's desire to wean, especially in older children. For this reason, we present to you the most common reasons why a child suddenly refuses to breastfeed after getting used to it.

Foods eaten by the mother:

The foods that the mother eats definitely affect the flavor of the milk, and some spicy or strongly flavored foods may change the taste of the milk in a way that the child rejects.


There is no doubt that a stuffy nose caused by your child's cold makes him unable to breathe, and then makes him unable to breastfeed. You can use saline drops that help remove nasal congestion, or resort to nasal aspiration at least before feeding.

hormonal changes:

Some mothers begin to gradually reduce the number of breastfeeding times as soon as the child is taught to eat solid foods. The decline in the rate of breastfeeding is reflected in the mother's hormones, and this disorder leads to the child's refusal to breastfeed in many cases. As a result of changing the taste of milk.

Oral thrush:

Some children suffer from fungus in the mouth and tongue, especially when they use some types of antibiotics. The infection appears in the form of white spots on the tongue, with some bloody spots inside the mouth. You should consult a doctor in this case. Because you and your child need treatment; To prevent the transmission of fungus from your baby to the nipple and vice versa.

Teething pain:

All children suffer from teething pain, which usually begins in the sixth month. These pains get worse as soon as the child begins breastfeeding, and this may make him completely withdraw from breastfeeding. You can use some pain relievers that help your child get rid of teething pain, and breastfeed normally.