Thursday, April 20, 2023

What are the reasons for lying in children? .. Fear of punishment. self esteem. imitate others

Children and lying:

Lies are an ordinary step in children's lives, why do they lie? At what age do children begin to lie?

The child lies because of his fear of punishment:

Young children do not distinguish between fantasy and reality, and therefore they do not know that they are lying. In general, there is a problem with parents who teach children to lie by scaring them of punishment, which is advised by scientists.
You should encourage your child to confess, then congratulate him if he does, and avoid punishing him if he lies to gain his trust.

The child lies to self-esteem:

It is sometimes difficult for a child to stand out in his group of friends without avoiding embellishing the reality of things. There is no reason to worry about him. Simply remind your child that it is good for him to tell the truth. You can try to understand exactly why he is lying. Explain to him the difference between what is imaginary and what is real.

Be an example to your child: do not lie in front of him

Know that a small lie may negatively affect your child's behavior, then you must be an example and share with him the truth even if it is difficult: (unemployment, the death of a relative).