Sunday, April 30, 2023

What are the reasons for not breastfeeding a child from his mother?

Reasons why a child is not breastfed by its mother:

Every mother dreams of the moment when she embraces her child in her arms, and begins her first steps in the journey of breastfeeding, but often some mothers face obstacles that prevent this dream from being realized. As a result of the child not being breastfed by his mother for reasons that belong to him, or to the mother in some cases. In the following lines, we shed light on the most famous of these reasons.

Child reasons:

There is no doubt that breastfeeding is a new and difficult matter for any child, especially after the stress he was exposed to during childbirth. There are many reasons related to the child that may eventually lead him to refuse breastfeeding. These reasons vary between some factors related to childbirth, and some health problems. Or birth defects suffered by the child and prevent him from breastfeeding.

Child-related causes include:
  • some birth defects of the tongue or mouth; Ex: cleft lip.
  • The baby was affected by the medicines the mother received during childbirth.
  • The child had some bruises or injuries during childbirth.
  • The continuation of childbirth for long hours, which leads to the mother receiving higher doses of narcotic drugs and analgesics, which in turn leads to the baby sleeping for a longer period.
  • The child suffers from poor growth problems. This problem is evident in premature babies.
  • The child has some health problems; Such as: jaundice (yellowing) or dehydration.
  • Low blood sugar level in a child after birth.
  • The child does not accept the flavor of milk; As a result of the mother eating some foods or medicines that change his taste, or when giving the child formula milk in his early days, which reduces his acceptance of breast milk.

Reasons for the breastfeeding mother:

The mother contributes greatly to the success of breastfeeding from the first day, or not to breastfeed the child in the first place as a result of some mistakes that many mothers make, and not seeking the help of a specialist in breastfeeding before birth. In order for them to be trained on how to deal with the child, and to avoid making mistakes that make the child refuse to breastfeed.

Here are the most important reasons for the mother that may lead to the child not being breastfed in the end:

  • The wrong position of the baby on the mother's breast, which makes him unable to latch on to the breast and breastfeed normally.
  • Poor milk production from the mother, especially in the first days after birth, which makes the child feel frustrated and gradually withdraw from breastfeeding.
  • The mother suffers from flat or inverted nipples, as it reduces the baby's adhesion to the breast and his ability to extract milk from it.
  • Nipple infections resulting from the wrong position of the child during feeding.
  • Maternal edema in the breast; It is a complication associated with intravenous administration during labour.
  • The mother's inability to understand the signals given by the child expressing his feeling of hunger and his need for breastfeeding.
  • The mother's suffering from stress and psychological tension as a result of childbirth and irregular sleeping hours.