Sunday, April 30, 2023

What are the stages and types of adolescence? And what are its advantages?

Stages and types of adolescence:

Adolescence is one of the most difficult stages that a person goes through, because it is a crossroads stage. Through proper education and proper methods of dealing with teenage problems, a teenager can cross it. If a teenager does not find help at this stage, he may lose his present and future, and this depends on the personality of the teenager himself. And the ways parents deal with it, and therefore you must know what are the types of adolescence well and how to deal with each stage.

Adolescence stages:

Adolescence depends on a group of age stages, and it may also depend on a specific period of time, as it is divided into:

Early adolescence:

It is the stage that is between 11 to 14 years, in which the teenager feels some changes in his appearance, voice, and manner with others, and this is the beginning of the teenage stage.

Middle adolescence:

This stage starts from the age of 14 to 18 years, when the adolescent's body completes its changes, and his outlook on life completely changes, and his intellectual maturity increases.

Late adolescence:

It is the stage between the ages of 19 and 21, and it is the end of the entire adolescence stage, in which the teenager prepares to receive a new stage, which is the stage of maturity and adulthood.

What are the types of adolescence?

There are several types of adolescence that have been studied and clarified by adolescent psychologists, as follows:

normal adolescence:

In it, the teenager passes in peace, and there are no obstacles for it, as it is a normal stage in his life, and he becomes intellectually mature enough to deal with others and to face any problem that may stand in his way.

Here, the adolescent has the qualities of leadership and strength of personality, and he becomes more understanding of his reality. He may have more creativity and talent growth, and thus he becomes more mature.

withdrawal adolescence

This type of adolescence prefers the teenager to isolate himself from the world in which he lives, and prefers to sit in his room for long hours. Here, there is a danger alarm for the teenager, as the parents must reintegrate him into the family and then society.

The withdrawn adolescence comes because of the harsh method of education, the teenager's lack of self-confidence, the separation of his parents, or as a result of family disputes that he sees with his eyes.

aggressive adolescence

And here comes the most dangerous type of adolescence, because of the psychological changes that the teenager is exposed to, where he becomes more nervous and tends to violence, negative thoughts, crime, deviation and aggression as he utters obscene words, and then he must be dealt with with all precaution and that parents provide him with a calm atmosphere and talk to him Continuously until he returns from those thoughts, and this is due to excessive pampering or strict upbringing.