Saturday, April 1, 2023

What are the steps to consider while making plans for school discipline?.. Positive effect of varying school discipline plans

Steps to consider while making plans for school discipline:

It is believed that the following changes are necessary and will have a positive impact on the disparity of school discipline plans:

  • Provide continuing professional development and training for all school staff, focusing on positive school discipline, conflict resolution, behavior management, and social justice.
  • Supporting mental health services, psychological counseling, and children and youth services.
  • Emphasis on academic engagement, equitable access to rigorous coursework and developmentally appropriate behavioral instruction.
  • Establish time to collaborate and process school discipline data as part of any school reform process.
  • Review and monitor discipline laws to ensure they are developmentally appropriate and effective, and monitor the implementation of these laws.
  • Assign school staff of psychologists, nurses, and school social workers who have the knowledge and experience to address student behavior appropriately.
  • Provide training for primary and school-associated semi-professional support staff, including educational assistants, bus drivers, security officials, school resources, cafeteria staff, and custodial staff, who have the ability to develop and maintain healthy school and community relationships outside the classroom.
  • Involve students, families, teachers, support staff, and those responsible for implementing educational and administrative laws in the development and implementation of school improvement or reform plans.
  • Focusing on improving material conditions and communication between stakeholders to ensure a good climate in the school.
  • Implement alternatives to suspension and expulsion to manage student behavior, set standards for high-quality alternative education settings and develop transition protocols for students who return to their schools after interruptions due to misconduct.