Thursday, April 20, 2023

What is the appropriate way to deal with a sensitive child?.. Why does the child resort to continuous crying?

Who is a sensitive child?

A sensitive child is a great blessing, as it carries enough feelings to guide the world around it. The only problem facing it is how to manage and control those feelings at the time of need, and this is the challenge that some mothers face with their children who cry a lot for reasons that may be trivial and small for us. But for a sensitive child, it moves him from the inside, and he cannot find enough words to express his feelings, so he resorts to crying.

Why does the child resort to continuous crying?

A highly sensitive child at a young age does not have the ability to express his feelings with words, especially if he did not learn this skill earlier, but there is still time for the mother and father to teach and train him to express his feelings in different ways away from crying, and we are talking here about the age group. Up to five years old, when babies often cry.

My friend told me that her child came from the nursery one day and she was very happy, telling her about what happened with her friend, and suddenly in the middle of the story she stopped talking and started crying hysterically, my friend did not understand what was happening and she could not reach the real reason behind the crying, especially that The child did not tell her about the reason until a few days later, when my friend discovered that the reason for her crying at that moment was her reminder that she had left her favorite pen in the nursery.

The right way to deal with a hypersensitive child:

Avoid harsh punishment methods:

A sensitive child will not respond to strict and harsh methods of punishment, but rather this will lead to psychological problems at a later time. A sensitive child likes to participate in the lives of his parents and do common things with them. Try exercising with your child, going to make food together, or reading, and other different ways that you enjoy. With your time and can direct his energy in it positively.

See the feeling as a blessing.

The easiest reaction to your child's continuous crying is frustration, anger, or screaming. Instead of seeing this in a negative way and that it is a serious defect, try to look at it as a blessing and a gift that God did not give to all children. Feeling is a distinctive feature of creators, innovators, and artists, and the child who possesses this The feature will be gifted in different ways that you will discover with time.

Listen to your child well:

A sensitive child needs tools to be able to acquire the skill of expressing his feelings in ways other than crying. Listening to your child and not interrupting him, no matter how long he speaks, is the first thing that gives him that skill. You can also give your child other tools for expression, such as drawing, music, and some games.

Focus on strengths:

As we mentioned before, a sensitive child is a talented child in different fields, and in order to preserve his talent, you must focus on it instead of focusing on crying or wrong behavior. Train yourself to see the good things in your child and you will be amazed at the result. Do not focus on crying, focus on his feelings Or divert his attention to something else that he loves very much, and you can participate in it together.