Saturday, April 29, 2023

What is characterized by the first trimester of pregnancy? Fertilization, ovulation and the beginning of embryo formation

The first stage of pregnancy:

The first stage in pregnancy is the first month in which fertilization occurs, then two weeks later the ovulation process occurs, after the last period of menstruation, and after that, after about ten full days have passed, the blood cycle begins to pump into the placenta, and at that time the fertilized eggs, regardless of their number, are implanted in the placenta. The wall of the uterus, and with the passage of days, specifically after the third week, the fetus begins to form in terms of the beginning of the appearance of the heart tube, as well as the spinal cord, eyes, as well as the kidney, and the formation of the brain begins, and after the passage of the first month, the length of the fertilized egg becomes approximately five millimeters.

Precautions for pregnant women:

During this period, the mother is supposed to have several conditions and laws that must be respected, such as refraining from taking medicines, pills, and painkillers, except under the supervision of a specialized doctor, as some medicines and treatments may pose a threat to the normal growth of the fetus, and the woman must also commit to doing the necessary examinations every period. Determined by the doctor, as well as following the development of the growth, size and health of the fetus.

embryo development:

In the first month, the size of the fetus is approximately the size of a grain of rice. The heart and some sensory organs are formed, as well as the nervous nucleus. Hands and legs begin to appear after about two weeks of pregnancy.