Sunday, April 30, 2023

What is the effect of breastfeeding on the infant during pregnancy?

Breastfeeding during pregnancy:

If you are breast-feeding and find out that you are pregnant. Can you continue to breastfeed?

Cases of stopping breastfeeding:

The fetus definitely experiences uterine contractions while breastfeeding. However, there is no evidence that it will harm either the mother or the baby if the pregnancy is healthy. On the other hand, if the pregnancy is high-risk (perhaps due to previous miscarriages or warning signs) it is best to stop breastfeeding.

Pregnancy hormones in breast milk:

On the other hand, the pregnancy hormones mix into the breast milk but they do not harm the breastfed baby at all. However, some mothers have found a decrease in the amount of milk they can offer their baby.

In general, a healthy and well-nourished mother can safely breastfeed her baby and continue her pregnancy as normal.