Saturday, April 1, 2023

What is negative reinforcement?.. Stopping, eliminating, or avoiding a negative consequence of a behavior

Negative reinforcement:

Although positive reinforcement can be very powerful in training children to behave appropriately, you also need what is called negative reinforcement. Positive reinforcement and negative reinforcement have the same goal of "encouraging a certain behavior" but they use different methods.

Where positive reinforcement adds a desirable stimulus, while negative reinforcement removes a desirable stimulus, as in positive punishment, you reinforce the positive behavior in both cases.

Ultimately, the positive response or behavior is reinforced by negative reinforcement. By stopping, eliminating or avoiding a negative consequence of a behaviour.

One mistake people often make is confusing negative reinforcement with punishment. Whereas negative reinforcement involves removing a negative situation to strengthen positive behavior, punishment involves either a nudge (often harsh on the child) to weaken the negative behaviour.

We point out that some experts believe that negative reinforcement should be used sparingly in the classroom, while positive reinforcement should be emphasized.