Saturday, April 1, 2023

What is school discipline? What is its purpose?.. Procedures and penalties against a student when violating school rules and laws

School discipline:

School discipline is a set of actions and penalties taken by the teacher or the school administration towards a student or group of students, when they violate the school rules and laws established by the school, such as punctuality, social behavior, adherence to school uniforms, and not tampering with public property in the school.

The goal of school discipline:

There are a set of goals that school discipline seeks to achieve, including:

  • Setting boundaries that restrict certain behaviors or attitudes that are seen as contrary to school policies, educational norms, and school traditions.
  • Helping the individual acquire the knowledge, habits, interests, and ideals that are in the interest of him, his colleagues, and society as a whole.
  • The teacher realizes that the goal of school discipline is to rebuild the school on the basis of development and the conscious pursuit of common goals in a cooperative spirit.
  •   Commitment of all school staff to discipline through exemplary and proper behavior and instilling it in all male and female students.
  • Work to provide a common sense of the goals of the school for all employees on a permanent basis.
  • Spreading all the values of cooperation, love, dialogue, tolerance, forgiveness, love of innovation, and hard and distinguished work in the school.
  • Attention and supervision of practices related to the achievements and creativity of students by teachers, parents and guardians.