Wednesday, April 19, 2023

What is the secret of infant attraction to the mirror?.. The benefits and harms of a child standing in front of a mirror

The child's relationship with the mirror:

The child and mirrors have an endless love relationship, and the mirror is one of the things that infants are most attracted to. But what is the secret of your infant's love for the mirror, and is there any harm in standing in front of it?

Why does my child love the mirror?

Children love to look at people’s faces and get to know them well and be attracted to them, and this happens in the first months of the child’s life, so he spends most of his time contemplating the faces of those around him and those he sees, especially his mother’s face, as it is the first face he sees and communicates with most of the time, and thus feels The infant is very happy when he sees the reflection of her face in the mirrors and sees his movements and their reflection in the mirror.

What is the use of a child standing in front of a mirror?

Did you ever know that you can use a mirror in your child's room to develop his motor, visual and cognitive skills, strengthen his muscles, increase his strength of observation and focus, and get to know himself and the outside world around him? Get to know us about the benefits of a mirror for your child:
  • It helps him develop his visual skills, especially when focusing on his reflected image.
  • Motivate and encourage him to look at himself and his shape well, so he discovers his body and gets to know his image and his complete external appearance, after he got used to seeing only some parts of his body.
  • He recognizes himself by looking in the mirror by following his reflected movements, and with time you will notice the connection between what he sees and what he does, so he realizes that what he sees is a reflection of his image.
  • The mirror helps stimulate and develop your child's muscular movement, especially when the mirror is placed in a low position, allowing the child to see himself fully while lying on the ground on his stomach. This will help strengthen his ability to lift his neck, strengthen his arm and leg muscles, and encourage him to learn to crawl and walk sooner too.

Disadvantages of standing in front of a mirror:

We can say that the only harm that the mirror can cause to the child is that it breaks and scatters in the room, so we recommend that the mirrors that your child deals with are against breakage or made of thick glass that is difficult to break, otherwise do not worry about your child from the mirror.

Precautions to be observed if the child is left in front of the mirror:

  • Make sure that the mirror is of the thick type that cannot be broken easily.
  • Monitor your child from a distance, never leave him unattended or unattended.
  • Make sure that your child is in a comfortable and safe position when you leave him in front of the mirror.
  • Get rid of the mirror immediately if there are cracks or chips in it.

After we presented to you the secret of your child's attraction to the mirror and its importance to him in developing his skills, create games with him in the mirror and do not listen to the common beliefs and sayings about the mirror that have no basis in truth, and do not deprive your child of discovering himself in the mirror. The mirror is the best choice for children of this age, to enhance their growth and interaction with the outside world.