Sunday, April 30, 2023

What your eight-year-old girl needs from you in order for her to become a happy and self-confident child

What your eight-year-old girl needs from you in order for her to become a happy and self-confident child:

The girl At this age, the child begins to draw the features of her independent personality, and for this she must follow some rules to enhance her self-respect:

  • Let her do what she likes at home, even if she wants to play, you can't say you're too old, you can't play now.
  • Help her take care of herself and change the way she dresses, because during that period she will take great care of her outward appearance, so you must help her choose the best one without imposing your opinion on her.
  • Give her her personal space, boost her confidence in her choices, and talk to her confidently by saying that you can make the decision now, and I know very well that you are able to know right from wrong.
  • Don't dominate her, she will become weak in character and will always be in desperate need of you, and thus she will not be able to make her own decisions.
  • She must be taught that having morals and public morals are things that are inherited by generations, and cannot be abandoned under the pretext that they are old habits. She must be brought up on the fact that respect and morals are among the highest and best things.
  • Shower her with flirtatious phrases and dazzle her with her beauty, and tell her that you are beautiful with your personality, your sweet soul, and your beautiful figure made you more beautiful, because at this age she needs someone to enhance her confidence in her beauty and herself.
  • Prepare your answer to any questions she asks you about, without lying or hiding the truth in any matter.
  • Make her participate in cleaning the house, and take her opinion on anything you find appropriate for her, including that you fill her free time, and on the other hand, you are associated with her and you have a coherent relationship with her.
  • Therefore, you will know in detail how I deal with my eight-year-old daughter.