Thursday, April 20, 2023

When can your baby bathe in the swimming pool?

Toddler swimming:

Accustoming our children to the fact that exercising is an integral part of their lives, is important for their health, fitness, and building their bodies in a healthy and proper manner. Swimming is one of the best sports a child can practice at an early age

Your child can swim since the age of six months with your help or the help of the father or a coach, but your child can rely on his natural ability to swim in basic ways before reaching the age of six months, as the infant has the innate ability to hit the water and push it with his hands and feet, and hold his breath in the water without thinking Whether or not he is afraid since he reached two months of age, do not worry about your child swimming before taking the necessary vaccinations, because the chlorine in the swimming pool water kills the germs that may infect him.

Tips for your child to swim healthy:

  • Choose the appropriate clothes for your child while swimming, and also know that the floats are not suitable for your child if he is less than a year old, but there are some other means designed to help your child at this age, and do not forget to breastfeed him after swimming.

  • Make sure that the duration of one session is approximately 10 minutes at first, then you can gradually increase the duration until it reaches 20 minutes. And if your child is not yet one year old, avoid keeping him in water for more than 30 minutes.

  • Make sure to bring his face closer to you when you go into the pool for the first time, so that your eyes meet, and hold him to your chest so that he feels reassured, relaxed, and feels more confident.

  • Also, make sure to stretch your arms and move your child to the right and left, and make him feel that this time is nothing but a time for play and fun.

  • Avoid taking him swimming if he has a cold or runny nose, or even if you notice he doesn't look well. And you should consult a specialist doctor if your child suffers from skin problems, to make sure that the chlorine in the swimming pool water will not cause him any problems such as skin irritation.