Thursday, April 20, 2023

When does the child begin to walk?.. Encourage the baby to walk

The beginning of walking in a child:

In his first year, the child gradually acquires the muscular strength and neuromuscular compatibility necessary to learn to sit, roll over, and crawl, and after that he may be able to extend himself to the top, and then stand with the help of something to lean on, and this is between the period of the sixth and tenth months of his life, but now the issue It is only a matter of time, and it is related to the child's acquisition of confidence and balance, and most children begin their first steps by reaching their first year,

And when they reach the fifteenth month of their age, they are able to walk without help from anyone, but their steps are often unsteady, but you should not worry if the child takes longer than others to walk, because some do not walk until they reach the 17th or 18th month, We often notice that those who love first walk faster.

Encouraging the child to walk:

  • Help your child change his position from standing to sitting, and use the method of scattering toys on the floor to pick them up.
  • Encourage your child to stand, leaning on a wall or a piece of furniture. Before walking, the child must be taught to stand. You can also put toys and drawings on the furniture to encourage your child to stand on the furniture.
  • Encourage him to walk on his own, for example, bend your knees, extend your hands to him and call him with a smile.
  • Allow your child to move freely, in wide and safe places, as this will help him to strengthen his muscles in running and walking.
  • Put him on shoes and watch his steps. If he walks with difficulty, take off his shoes and let him walk barefoot.

Factors that help the child walk:

  • Feeding the child on sufficient amounts of calcium, from foods rich in calcium, milk and its derivatives, and suitable for the age of the child. Each age group of children has specific foods that they eat.
  • The child must be exposed to the sun to obtain vitamin D, which is important in building the child’s bones well and protecting him from developing osteomalacia. Exposing the child to the sun in the morning hours before ten o’clock, or after four o’clock in the afternoon.
  • In the seventh month, the child must be seated alone, and appropriate toys should be provided to him.