Saturday, April 1, 2023

When does the child rearing begin? What are the characteristics of each stage of a child's life?

Beginning of child rearing:

In fact, there is no specific age for starting education, but there are broad lines associated with each age stage that your child goes through, since the beginning of his awareness and his desire to discover what is around him strongly, and the increase in his questions to you..

Features of education according to the stages of the child’s life:

The features of education in these stages can be identified as follows:

1- Up to 18 months:

When you take care of your child, you teach him how to take care of others, and show him how to respond to a specific need that he sees in others, such as feeding him when he feels hungry, and hugging him when he is afraid.

2- From 18 to 23 months:

At this age, the child becomes aware of the feelings of others, such as worrying when someone cries or trying to give you some of his food if you tell him that you are hungry. It is important here to encourage the child by offering expressions of praise and thanks to him.

3- From 2-3 years old:

This is the age when a child's cognitive and language skills develop the most, as they can tell when people are sad, happy, and angry. You can practice symbolic role-play with your child, acting out specific situations and testing what he or she will do to your needs.

4- Between the ages of 4 and 6:

At this age, the child's emotional and behavioral experiences, which he learned and directed him to, gather together, and he becomes able to put himself in someone's shoes and anticipate his feelings.

5. From 7 to 10 years old:
Children this age are ready to take action with some help from parents, so focus on your child's interests, hobbies and tendencies, and ask him if he can use his skills to help accomplish something, and make him feel the importance of what he loves to do.