Thursday, April 20, 2023

When does the child speak?.. Reasons for the problem of delayed speech in children

The development of the child's ability to speak:

A child's ability to speak develops through different stages, as follows:

From birth to 6 months of age:

During this period, the child can hear the sounds around him, and he can make some incomprehensible sounds, in addition to relying on crying to express hunger or pain, and as he grows older, the child begins to try to speak and pronounce some letters.

- From 7 months to 12 months:

During this period, the child can put some letters together to pronounce some simple words, which he learns from the people around him.

- From the age of 12 months to 24 months:

The child becomes able to speak, but with some difficulties in pronouncing and arranging sentences and phrases. The child can also use his hands to express what he wants to say.

From 2 to 3 years old:

The child becomes able to carry on simple conversations with those around him, to start asking questions and inquiries regarding many things that attract his attention.

- From 3 years to 8 years:

During these age stages, the child can speak in a more accurate manner. During these stages, the child receives his basic education in the nursery and school, and thus his ability to speak increases, and he gradually gets rid of the problem of stuttering.

The role of the mother in helping her child to speak:

A mother can teach her child to speak by following the following tips:
  • Talking to the child while changing his clothes or feeding him, and clarifying what you are doing while trying to use correct words; This is because the child is trying to imitate what he hears from it.
  • Smiling in the child's face, addressing him constantly, asking him what he wants, and not relying solely on hand-pointing.
  • Try to understand what the child wants to say in a spontaneous way, and read some stories out loud.

The problem of delayed speech in children:

The ability of the child to speak can be ascertained through some routine examinations, as there are some children who suffer from a problem in pronouncing some words well, while some suffer from the problem of delayed speech as a whole, and one of the most important signs indicating the delay in speech in children is the child’s lack of response to some stimuli Like sounds, or taking a long time at that.

Reasons for delayed speech in children:

The reasons for speech delay are many, including the following:
  • Having some problems in the mouth, such as the tongue or jaw.
  • Some hearing problems limit a child's ability to speak.