Wednesday, April 19, 2023

When does the child start to crawl? How do you help your child learn to crawl?

Teaching an infant to crawl:

It is natural for every mother to wonder about when the child crawls, and how she can help him to crawl, and because crawling helps the child to get to know the surrounding environment and develop his skills, in addition to developing his senses, we will tell you in this article when the child crawls and how to help him with the different types of crawling.

When does the baby start to crawl?

Often the child begins to crawl between 7-10 months of age, and he will choose the best way to do so, and quickly your child's life and your life will change as well, he will become more effective, and you will be surprised where he can reach.
During the first six months of life, the child is completely dependent on you, but when he starts crawling, he can move and reach things on his own. His arms and he starts crawling.

Teaching a child to crawl:

In order for your child to start crawling, he first needs a high sense of balance, and often develops very quickly, and he also needs strong muscles that bear the weight of his body and help him move, so he must sleep for long periods on his stomach, until the muscles of the head and neck are strong, To be able to see in front of him while crawling.
He must also first be able to sit on his own without assistance, so that the back muscles are strong, and he can carry his body while crawling, and balance between his right and left side, so that he does not stumble while crawling.

How do I help my child to crawl?

In order to help your child start to crawl; First, you can put his favorite toys in front of him so that he needs to move, to reach them. It may also help you to put the child in a crawling position, and then imitate crawling in front of him yourself, so that he can do that.
You can also put your hand under his stomach, then lift him up gently, until he uses his hand to support his body. You can also move his hands and knees yourself.
If you have friends with toddlers, invite them to the house, so that the children can encourage each other by playing and having fun.

How do they love the child in different ways?

The method of crawling differs from one child to another, but what is important is that the child be able to move on his own, and the method is not important at all. Most children crawl using the arm and knee, but there are other methods:

  • The child may move by crawling using the forearm, with the foot fully extended.
  • The child may move using the arm, and the knee backwards (crawling backwards), which is completely normal, and does not mean any defect in growth, and it continues more often than one to two weeks during the first period in crawling, when the muscles of the arms are stronger than the muscles of the legs , so he starts moving backwards, and the child will always be happy with the movement as long as he can reach his things, and with time the muscles of the two legs gain additional strength that enables him to crawl forward, and you can help him move forward by placing the toys he loves, or a favorite food, for example, in front of him, to move towards them, and you can also put your hand gently on the back of the child, and gently push it forward.
  • The child may not crawl at all, and move only by dragging his body on the backside in a sitting position. This movement will do the trick, but it will be completely slow compared to normal crawling.
  • The baby may move by rolling over, turning from side to side, which is also normal, and only safe indoors.
  • Your child may not crawl at all, and start walking directly, which is normal for 10% of children, as some experts do not consider crawling as a sign of development other than sitting, walking, and running.