Thursday, April 20, 2023

When is a newborn baby able to recognize its mother?

The ability of the infant to distinguish its mother:

One of the many questions that raise mothers’ confusion is the infant’s ability to distinguish his mother from all the people around him, and this matter can result from the special bond between the mother and the child. In this topic today, we present to you the answer you are looking for regarding your question, "Does the infant know its mother?".

Can the infant recognize its mother? And when?

The infant can recognize his mother from the first moment of his birth, as there are many factors that bring him together and that began to form with his formation in her womb. This relationship, which began before birth, will inevitably continue after it, and therefore the relationship between the infant and his mother is what helps him to identify her, even if he does not know what she is, but his attachment to her helps him to identify her.

What are the factors helping the infant to know its mother?

  • One of the most important factors that makes the infant recognize his mother among many people is her voice. Since the seventh month of pregnancy, the fetus becomes able to listen to external sounds. So the sound is considered one of the most important factors that help the infant to know his mother.

  • In addition, the heartbeat also helps him to recognize his mother, as the heart is the sound that accompanies him during his formation inside him, as he is the closest to him, so when the mother approaches him, he calms down quickly, but if another person approaches him, he does not calm down and may continue to calm down. crying. So the heart plays an important role in the child's knowledge of his mother, the more she holds him close to the chest, the more he can get to know her.

  • Also, among the other factors that help him identify it is the smell. The relationship that you build with your newborn from the first moment of his birth is clearly based on the close bond of love and rapprochement between you. This helps him to recognize your scent, whether body odor or aromatic scent. The infant can also distinguish between breast milk and formula milk, so he can distinguish who his real mother is through the smell of milk.