Sunday, April 30, 2023

When is the right time to move your baby to a single sleeper bed?

Child sleeping in a single bed:

In general, the mother wonders about the ideal time to transfer her child to a single bed, and sometimes searches for some tips that can help her get him used to sleeping on his own. Here are some tips that can help you with that

When should you transfer your child to a single bed?

  • The child's personality and the percentage of his habit of sleeping near you plays a significant role in determining the ideal time to transfer him to a single bed. Some children quickly accept this step, but others may need a longer time to get used to it and follow certain preliminary steps and stages by the mother before completing this step.

  • The age of three is generally the most suitable age for transferring a child to a single, regular bed, as his movement decreases at this stage during his sleep, which reduces the risk of him falling, for example, during sleep. We refer here to the need for the door of his room to be open and to make sure that it is very close to his room so that you can hear him when he wakes up or cries.

How do you get your child used to moving to a single bed?

  • Collect some of the toys that he prefers and put them next to him in the bed, which will make him feel comfortable and safe, and gradually push him to sleep in the new bed without worry.
  • Make sure to choose a bed that is attractive in terms of shape and colors, in order to attract your child's attention and encourage him to sleep in it.
  • Try to gradually accustom him to sleeping in this bed by urging him to spend his naps in it during the day, and be sure to stay a little by his side so that he feels safe and comfortable.