Sunday, April 30, 2023

When will my child be able to take a seated position and be helped to do so?

Child's sitting position:

Your baby begins to grow from birth. The first position he will take with his body is sitting, followed by crawling and walking.

For your baby to achieve the sitting position without any problems, his muscles need to be as strong as it takes to support all his weight. And your little one is supposed to acquire this ability in his muscles, starting from the sixth month. However, the child does not master the sitting position on his own and without any help from you, except in the eighth or ninth month.

The sitting position for your child is a completely new activity, a position that offers him new concepts and another view of his surroundings.

How do you help your child to sit down?

It is better not to try to force your child to sit, as you risk overloading him with what may exceed his physical capacity and may result in his behavior being restless, nervous and upset. It is natural that when your little one exceeds six or seven months, his body will be ready to be able to take a sitting position. Put him to sit and surround him with pillows to keep him in place. Put him between your legs to support his back, and put toys in front of him so that he can immerse himself in the game.

No need to panic when you are late!

Each child has certain physical characteristics, each one growing at its own pace. There is no point in comparing your child's sitting and when he has mastered it with other children. These comparisons would only stress you out and make you lose time, money, and your comfort and your child's comfort on medical visits and various methods without any result, while you can avoid them with a little patience.

A few months late is not enough warning to scare you like that! Remember that the most important thing to focus on is your child's health and enjoyment of childhood and games and discovering his world step by step until his body and ability reach the stage of sitting.