Sunday, April 30, 2023

Why does a child sleep with his mouth open?.. incidence of colds. Sore throat or gums. Tonsil problems. Toothache. allergy. Discomfort during sleep

Baby sleeping with an open mouth:

The mother may notice that her child sleeps with his mouth open without knowing the reason for that, because it is normal for the child to breathe through his nose and not from his mouth; This may make the mother feel anxious.

Reasons why a child sleeps with his mouth open:

Is this concern justified? What causes a child to sleep with his mouth open?

Infection with the common cold:

The child may have colds and influenza, which makes his nose clogged with mucus, and this makes it difficult for him to breathe, and it gets worse in the evening when sleeping, so the child resorts to opening his mouth to breathe well.

Sore throat or gums:

The reason why the child sleeps with his mouth open may be that he has sore throat or gums, which makes it difficult for him to breathe through the nose.

Tonsil problems:

Having tonsil problems, such as inflammation or enlargement of the tonsils, may lead the child to open his mouth during sleep to feel comfortable in the breathing process.


A child's toothache affects the way he sleeps, such as sleeping with his mouth open, for example, especially if the problem is in the molars.

Sensitivity or Nasal polyps:

The child's infection with many types of allergies, whether seasonal or continuous, can make the child sleep with his mouth open in order to facilitate the process of breathing during sleep, as well as his infection with adenoids.

Discomfort during sleep:

There is no doubt that the lack of rest during sleep causes many consequences that appear on the person, especially the child. As the child sleeping on an uncomfortable pillow and not raising his neck enough during sleep can make him sleep with his mouth open.

Symptoms associated with sleeping with an open mouth:

There are some symptoms that accompany a child sleeping with an open mouth, most notably:

Making some sounds:

If snoring continues and issuing strange sounds and is accompanied by breathing from the mouth, then the child may be suffering from adenoids or tonsillitis.

Gripping on the teeth:

In the event that the child grinds his teeth during sleep, which makes a clear sound, the reason is usually his feeling of tension, anxiety, fear, insecurity, or suffering from excessive nervousness.

Sweating while sleeping:

The child may sweat significantly during sleep, and this will accompany his sleep with an open mouth. Due to poor room ventilation, hot weather, or a fever.

Finally, it is necessary to consult a doctor in the event of noticing any factor that causes concern as a result of the child sleeping with his mouth open, in order to find the appropriate treatment.