Sunday, April 9, 2023

Worms in small children.. Parasites living in the intestines

What are worms in children?

Worms in children are parasites that live in the intestines and lay eggs. This condition makes the child not feed or sleep well, and causes him abdominal pain, sleep disturbances, dark circles under the eyes, and problems with urination. This type of worm is called “pinworm.” And up to 2 mm in length.

This type of worms is found all over the world among children in gatherings, especially in incubators, where the infection is transmitted easily because the eggs of worms cannot be seen with the naked eye, and the infection is transmitted to the rest of the brothers and family at home.

The infection of this disease is called the infection of the dirty hands, and the disease can last for months or more in the child if it is not treated.
One of the most important signs of this disease is itching at the exit level at night, when you ovulate or have diarrhea and vomiting without reasons.

And the child wants to eat sweets because the worms consume this substance and there is no desire for the rest of the food. At the same time, there are cases in which children eat voraciously, but these children suffer from physical weakness and physical exhaustion all the time, which raises the confusion of parents.
And the situation may affect the student's academic level due to the severity of fatigue and lack of desire to eat.

the reasons:

Worm disease is a result of infection and is not due to lack of hygiene. Rather, it is related to hand hygiene, especially in places outside the home. The infection is transmitted through the ovulation process, as this disease reaches the child’s intestines, then it becomes an adult to reach the exit and perform the ovulation process.

How is the infection transmitted:

  One worm lays 10,000 eggs, while the child's intestine contains a huge number of worms in his clothes, bedding and stomach.
The infection can easily be passed on to all family members.
And the child must be taught to respect the basic rules of hygiene, which is washing hands frequently, because it protects against the transmission of infection with this disease.

  The disease also affects adults, but they do not show symptoms while they are able to transmit the infection.
And the infection is not transmitted except through the mouth when eating, and it is a situation in which one can protect oneself by prevention and washing hands when entering the house and before and after eating.

Worms usually appear among young children in diapers, underwear, or their bedding, and it is a condition that requires serious treatment to avoid many health problems due to malnutrition, which may cause the child to suffer from anemia and severe fatigue.
And for girls, the passage of worms into the urinary tract is easier, and it can create an infection that causes germs in the urine, which makes the girl stay in the hospital with many complications.


When taking the necessary medications, worms in the abdomen can be eliminated.
Medicines should be taken by all family members and the house should be exposed to high temperatures by washing clothes at a rate of 60 degrees or more.
And sterilization of the entire house with hot water.
The child must be taught to protect himself by washing hands before meals to ensure the success of the operation.