Thursday, April 20, 2023

Your child is cursing and uttering obscene words, what is the solution?

Young children hearing bad words:

Young children are exposed to bad words from many sources, such as neighbors, relatives, the street, and the school. Usually, the child does not know if the word is “bad” or “good.” He just repeats what he hears to learn social dialogue and develop his language skills. What do you do if you discover that your child is cursing? In bad words and bad?

Here are some solutions:

  • Young children do not realize the inability of some words, sometimes if you ignore them, they may not repeat them again.
  • If you said a bad word on purpose, apologize immediately. This will set an example for your children.
  • Try not to laugh when your child says something inappropriate, even if his words are funny, until your child repeats what he said.
  • Avoid confronting your child when he is angry, because this will only inflame the situation, just discuss it calmly.
  • Watch your words well, because most of the children pick up the inappropriate words from the members of the house.
  • Do not overreact when you hear your child swearing, because if you do so, your child will repeat this word later to attract your attention.