Tuesday, May 23, 2023

FOCUS ON RED YEAST RICE.. It may contain a mycotoxin called citrinin. It can cause the same inconveniences as statins


Red yeast rice is a microscopic fungus grown on rice and native to Asia, rich in monacolin. Red yeast rice is also an active ingredient that has recently been the subject of much controversy for three reasons:

It may contain a mycotoxin called citrinin:

Always concerned to offer you effective and safe products, the LESCUYER Laboratory has all the batches of red yeast rice used in the composition of LEMICOL analyzed using an ultra-sensitive analysis method. We can thus guarantee you the total absence of citrinin in LEMICOL.

It can cause the same inconveniences as statins:

Red yeast rice contains monacolin K, an active substance which can, at high doses, cause muscle, liver or kidney discomfort. Thanks to the association and the synergy of action of the active ingredients of LIMICOL, Laboratoire LESCUYER has succeeded in offering you a product with scientifically proven efficacy, containing a low dose of monacolin K. The 3 LIMICOL clinical studies have confirmed the total absence of discomfort and guaranteed excellent tolerance of this cholesterol complex.

The EFSA* concludes that an effect on cholesterol cannot be guaranteed below 10 mg of monacolin K per day.
The effectiveness and uniqueness of the LEMICOL formula are based on the synergistic action of the active ingredients selected and on the precise dosage of each ingredient. The LESCUYER Laboratory has voluntarily chosen to incorporate monacolin K at a level of 2 mg per recommended daily dose to limit the discomfort generally observed while maintaining perfect efficacy (Efficacy of LIMICOL confirmed by the positive opinion of the EFSA) .