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The European market is going through a historic moment since to date, no food supplement has managed to obtain a favorable opinion for such a request for a claim. The LESCUYER Laboratory is therefore to this day a pioneer.

A unique proof of effectiveness recognized by a demanding authority:

Obtaining EFSA recognition is a long process. Indeed, the EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) is not only the highest European authority on food safety, but it is also one of the most demanding panels of nutrition experts in the world. A positive opinion from EFSA is therefore equivalent to the highest possible scientific recognition at European level.

With its positive opinion, the EFSA now scientifically recognizes the health benefits of LIMICOL: LIMICOL "reduces the blood level of LDL-cholesterol. A high level of LDL-cholesterol is a risk factor for the development of coronary heart disease ".

An unprecedented and exclusive claim:

It is the first food supplement to benefit from data protection for a claim relating to the reduction of a disease risk factor . Upon final approval from the European Commission, Laboratoire LESCUYER will therefore be the only one able to claim this health claim on its exclusive and patented formula.

A scientific requirement that deserves this recognition:

Obtaining this positive opinion is the fruit of 5 years of research which made it possible to submit a very complete scientific file to the EFSA, including, among other things, the results of 3 proprietary clinical studies .

The medical-scientific team of Laboratoire LESCUYER has surrounded itself with external collaborators (biochemists, clinicians, toxicologists, biostatisticians) to bring together all the documents in the claim application file. Independent research groups conducted the 3 clinical trials with the highest level of scientific rigor : randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled studies carried out on a total of 184 volunteers. These studies 2,3,4 have all been published in international scientific journals, a guarantee of the seriousness of the results advanced.

Thanks to this research work, LEMICOL is today the only exclusive and patented dietary supplement, with its effectiveness officially recognized by Europe.


Marketed in 2008 , LEMICOL is a dietary supplement that combines plant extracts, red yeast rice and vitamins, a total of 8 active ingredients that act in synergy to naturally reduce excess cholesterol.

The LIMICOL formula contains Artichoke extract, red yeast rice, sugar cane policosanols, garlic extract, maritime pine bark OPCs, as well as vitamins B2, B3 and E.

Effectiveness proven by 3 clinical studies:

The effectiveness of LEMICOL on lowering cholesterol has been demonstrated by 3 clinical studies conducted on a total of 184 volunteers with excess cholesterol. From the 1st month, the daily intake of 3 tablets of LEMICOL significantly reduces the total cholesterol level by 15.3%², the LDL-cholesterol level by 21.4%² and the blood cholesterol level by 15.4%³. of Apo-B. These markers are then stabilized over the following 3 months. After 4 months of supplementation, there is also a decrease of 12.2%² in triglycerides.

The guarantee of high tolerance:

The effectiveness and uniqueness of the LEMICOL formula are based on the synergistic action of the active ingredients selected and on the precise dosage of each ingredient. The LESCUYER Laboratory has voluntarily chosen to incorporate monacolin K (active substance derived from red yeast rice) up to 2 mg per recommended daily dose, while maintaining perfect efficacy. This dosage, lower than the recommended doses, makes it possible to avoid the muscular discomfort generally observed , linked to the consumption of red yeast rice.
The excellent tolerance of LEMICOL has been confirmed by 3 clinical studies.

About the LESCUYER Laboratory:

Laboratoire LESCUYER, an expert in micronutrition, is a major player in the French market for food supplements, founded in 1994 by Doctor Jean-François LESCUYER. The Laboratory specializes in the formulation and marketing of very high quality food supplements. With 75 products and more than 100 references, it offers many ranges aimed at preserving and improving health capital. At the forefront of scientific research, the company is committed to developing innovative, effective and safe health products, widely recognized and recommended by many health professionals.