Sunday, December 20, 2015

Cases of food poisoning in Bahrain, Algeria, England .. Poor food storage and ill-cooked and pollution direct quote her infection during circulation

Bahrain was recorded deaths and poisoning incidents amounted to 30 cases in 1985 and 23.9 in 1990 and 26.1 in 1995.
In Algeria in 1998 featured 4 thousand cases of food poisoning, of which 30% are caused by collective restaurants. This study results of an investigation took place between 1997 and 1998 m level Restaurants companies attending the 3 thousand meals a day.
To illustrate the dimensions of the seriousness of the possibility of the spread of food poisoning should be added to the number of individuals who work in their homes in the preparation of food is also working in the food industry. Besides industrial food civilized progress we see a significant increase of cases of food poisoning in the whole world, for example, in England and Wales since 1970, the number of cases of food poisoning around 8634 case while reached in 1991 about 20155 case also mentions (17) It increased the number of cases of food poisoning in England and Wales for up to 90 thousand cases in 1996. And remember most sources (1,20) ) In global food poisoning that more outbreaks of food-borne disease occur most in the food service installations and then in homes and then in food factories. For example, the elements of risk in England and Wales lies in the poor food storage and ill-cooked and direct contamination and transfer of infection during circulation.