Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Causes of obesity in children.. Genetic factors. Consuming large amounts of protein. Lack of movement. Lack of awareness of food

1. Genetic factors: where we find that 70% of children born to parents who are obese they become obese also theories in this regard that the genes affect the metabolic rate at rest any speed in which the body burns Sarath in a state of thermal relaxation.
2. Consuming large amounts of the protein leads to a deeper in the production of growth hormone, which leads to obesity, especially in children who are in the process of growth.
3. Behavioral factors: particularly with regard to nutrition and environment behaviors and by 99% and that contribute to the incidence of obesity at any time, but they are more appearance in the first year of the child's age as Tved between the fifth and sixth year.
4. Appetite: where we find that some children enjoy superiority appetite appetite others where we find that each generates ample appetite Fear not, all his life.
5. Lack of a feeling of happiness may be due to obesity in some cases may occur from the seventh.
6. Environment: play an important role in the child's development environment in which a child grows during pregnancy and after birth (ie baby's diet during the first year and beyond and greater activity of the child.
7. Awa ml and a hormonal reasons: due E. Lee hypothyroidism or result g Diad proportion of cortisone in the blood.
8. Adoption in child nutrition on milk
9. Early weaning.
10. Intensive spread of food between children senseless nutritional value, such as cocoa and candy-dense sugary.
11. Supportive poor selection of food provided to children to strengthen Gzaah or supplement his palaces Ta valuable food.
12. The child is not feeling love.
13. Having family problems.
14. Lack of movement and not a disease aerobics.
15. Lack of food awareness among parents and therefore there will be a lack of awareness I have nochildren.
16. Wealth: makes children tend not to me eating energy-rich tastes and permanently provide food and large amounts lead to a deeper appetite in children.
17. Poverty: to eat children large amounts of carbohydrates Nha cheaper.