Sunday, December 20, 2015

Diabetes and Digestive.. Diarrhea. Constipation. Flatulence. Incontinence

May cause diabetes imbalance in the autonomic nerves and lead to a number of problems when a diabetic, including:
- Diarrhea: that is not responding to medication and medical increases at night. Sometimes a patient complains of indigestion with diarrhea. Often this arises diarrhea due to autonomic nerve damage of the intestines and stomach, which control the movement of these members.
- Constipation: It also arises due to imbalance in the autonomic nerves governing the movement of the intestine where it leads to lack of bowel movements and constipation.
- Flatulence:   Feel diabetic sometimes swelling and abdominal discomfort after eating, which gives the feeling of permanent stomach is full (satiety) and indigestion.
This is due to the laziness of the stomach and slow emptying the dining them and he would stay with it for long. 
- Incontinence: involuntary nerve injury of the bladder may cause an inability to control sound in their ability to emptying of Paul in a timely manner. May even be sometimes to a complete stop for unloading, which calls for a permanent catheter to empty the bladder of urine.