Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Ginseng.. Reduce the levels of glucose in the blood, both in patients with diabetes or non-infected

Canadian researchers found in three experiments they conducted on animals and humans, that the herb ginseng sugar lowering effect, any help to reduce the levels of glucose in the blood, both in patients with diabetes or non-infected.
The study showed the first, where they had been given three grams of the herb ginseng or medication ordinary nine people injured diabetes type II, and ten others is infected with the disease, followed by a solution containing 25 grams of glucose by mouth, that the group that took the herb saw a decline in blood sugar by 28 22%, compared with the group that dealt ordinary medication.
The researchers noted that ginseng reduced blood sugar among non-diabetics when ingested by a sugar solution with only 40 minutes, while succeeded in reducing sugar levels in people with either duloxetine with a sugar solution or before.
The researchers found in the second study, which relied on a comparison of different doses of ginseng U.S. 3, 6 and 9 grams when a group of diabetic patients, all doses caused the same positive effect in reducing blood sugar levels, and at any time between zero and 120 minutes, was addressed it before the sugar solution.
And make sure scientists in the third study, conducted in the same way the second study, but 12 people from healthy non-diabetics, that all doses Ginseng succeeded in reducing blood sugar by 11.4%, but it was only effective when given 40 minutes before eating sugar solution.