Sunday, December 20, 2015

How HIV is transmitted hepatitis B.. Contaminated blood transfusions. Exposure to body secretions. Hypodermic needles among drug addicts. Sexual contact

Across several different ways, and not by food, where moves for example through contaminated blood transfusions, or exposure to body secretions. And it is certainly the presence of the virus in all body secretions different. As a result, the virus is transmitted among drug addicts who share needles, as well as in people after work tattoo or piercing parts of the body with contaminated tools and non-sterile.
The sexual contact another route for transmission of hepatitis B virus Therefore, HIV-positive mothers mentioned Ikmn transfer the virus to newborns. Dr. competent scans all pregnant women to make sure they are free of the virus in question and the treatment of children after birth for mothers B virus carriers.