Sunday, December 20, 2015

Importance of honey for irritable bowel patient.. Prevention of diseases of the stomach, colon and also bloating, gas, indigestion and acidity

Mentioned honey in the Qur'an in the verse (69) of Surat bees, God says: (out of their bellies a drink of varying color wherein is healing for men in that is a sign for those who reflect), and in the Sunnah pointed and spoke the Prophet peace be upon him on honey in more than one place, in Sahih Bukhari Said bin Jubair Ibn Abbas the Prophet, peace be upon him, said: (healing in three things: drinking honey, and cupper, and cauterizing with fire, and I cauterization) .. Valesl not supervised so vain honor, it has benefits can not be confined.
Nutrition experts have confirmed the discovery of a new way within the properties of honey for the treatment of certain diseases,
and what features of the nature and simplicity lead to heal faster than other means of treatment,
The experts according to the newspaper (Riyadh) that honey is very useful for the prevention of diseases of the stomach, colon and also bloating and gas, indigestion and acidity etc. of Gastroenterology. 
It has been shown that honey does not cost digestive minimum effort to digest, because manganese and iron present in honey help digestion and the representation of food, unlike artificial sweeteners, it leads to digestive disorders increasing day after day, and honey with a great credit to all members of the digestive system in addition to its benefits many help in the healing and fast processing.
Characterized honey boasts natural materials easy digestion and absorption, so he does not need to conversion processes, in addition to that honey contains enzymes help the digestive system to complete its tasks, as recommended for people with ulcers infectious, it is pain reliever resulting therefrom and helps to heal and disappear.
The honey has no effect inverse on the nervous system is composed of fructose and dextrose and more than fifteen species of sugar, these candies are easy to digest and does not require the body to any complex process to represent these sugars, honey is heading directly to the liver to turn to glycogen without any process other, and because honey has this property is not stressed colon and does not require a long time to stay in it, scientists have found that honey have a natural potential and makes the process output easy which addresses the problem of constipation associated with colon nervous, does not cause honey disorders of membranes gut thin and thus keeps the lining colon and rebuilding the affected lining and affected by severe constipation or diarrhea lasting.
And the effect of honey very fast access to the organs of the body targeted immediately dealt with easily, so is honey food useful for people with IBS and handles defect functional bowel movement where he Food comfortable colonoscopy does not cause dampness or be gas, but he resists mildew that often accompany this status thanks to its antibacterial resistance property, on the other hand, the use of honey helps to soothe troubled soul, which reflects its impact on the movement of the colon becomes more systematic and disciplined.
The impact of honey on the rest of the digestive system is very positive, it has acknowledged many of the doctors that honey eliminates excess acidity in the stomach, so advise patients ulcer or duodenal and who complain of excess acidity in the stomach that most food honey or mixed with honey, to regulate acidity and regulates the amount of gastric juices, and affect good on symptoms such as burning Jawf and burping, so it is advisable in the case of stomach ulcers and duodenal taking honey in a glass of lukewarm water before eating at least two hours or three hours after dinner, because honey dissolved in lukewarm water facilitates liquefaction gastric mucus and cause rapid intestinal absorption without inflame also causes a lack of acidity, and the honey dissolved in cold water, it slows gastric emptying and inflames the intestines.
We must all know that not all types of honey address bowel syndrome, Valesl black like honey brown and honey forests does little colon troubled because treacle mostly honey diet and not therapeutic primarily, and the best types of honey that suit patient IBS is honey Sidr (cans ) or honey, peace, and this type of honey Excellent if used solely on an empty stomach, and in the page where I will talk for the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome will explain this topic further.