Sunday, December 20, 2015

Onions and garlic Onion and Garlic.. Onion ability to reduce blood sugar Nbsh about 40%. Antibiotic and diuretic and soothing anti-inflammatory and expectorant

The onions and garlic supplements that have been used for centuries to treat diabetes, especially in Asia, Europe and the Middle East, and either garlic is like onions in effect, but the onion stronger in the field of diabetes and is said to eat garlic fresh is the best thing if possible to reduce the sugar and can garlic Cooked with eating that causes the same purpose. I have worked many studies on the onion and garlic in the field of diabetes Among studies done by Dr. Jaber bin Salem Al Qahtani, Faculty of Pharmacy, King Saud University on plants used in folk medicine and Saudi among which was the onion and garlic on experimental animals, where he received the results of the Special onions and garlic This research was published in the International Journal of Materials Research medications.
The study also other onion, among other plants have proved that onion ability to reduce blood sugar Nbsh about 40% this research has been published in the journal (IRCS Medical SCi) in Britain, and onions have distinct effects other than its effect on blood sugar is an antibiotic and diuretic and soothing anti-inflammatory and expectorant. Also affect blood circulation, especially for people who suffer from angina.As for the effects of garlic similar terms based on the reduction of blood pressure and cholesterol and triglycerides and TB infection, a blood thinner in the treatment of urinary tract infection in addition to being a killer for many kinds of bacteria.