Tuesday, December 15, 2015

People who are considered at risk of colon cancer

Each person in the age of fifty and above:
Average age for the development of colon cancer is 70 years, also found that 93% of colon cancer cases are people aged 50 years or more.
Currently, the global recommendations recommends telescope into the colon at the age of fifty and above, unless there are other factors that make colon screening at an early date.
Called on the person who has the age factor only that in (average risk) to develop colon cancer.
Each family has a history of colon cancer patients:
Anyone with two or more first degree relatives (father, mother, siblings) patients with colon cancer is greater than the age of 60 years old or anyone with one person infected with colon cancer under the age of 60 years, be at risk for colon cancer than three to six times more than the general population or people. Therefore it is necessary to develop a specific strategy for people who have relatives with colon cancer. And also do not have to take the medical history of the family and make sure there is polyps or not the family members.
Each person has a history of cancer or fleshy growths:
The person who previously injured colon cancer and was treated or the person who has fleshy growths in the colon and was removed to be more likely than others to injury either colon cancer or polyps.
As well as women with uterine cancer or ovarian especially before the age of 50 years are more likely to develop colon cancer. As for breast cancer makes there is a slight increase in the incidence of colon cancer.