Sunday, December 20, 2015

Plan your immune system when an injury occurs.. Activate immune cells. Immune function. The end of the defensive role of the immune system

Try here to explain defensive role of the immune system when exposed to infection, and how to respond to them, and the stages of the injured to return user to the state it was in before being injured.
A - infection:
When an injury, whether bruise result shock or friction or sudden movement is greater than the potential scope of a member of such cases tensile or tear muscle or like onyx or tear in the ligaments or tendons, resulting in internal bleeding caused by depravity in the tissues and blood vessels. In this case, the blood comes out of its path natural component foreign body (antigen) leads to an imbalance in the place of injury, and leads to reduced or stopped working member of the performance of the movement, and this is what appears in the form of a tumor and change the color of the skin and the inability to performance and pain while holding the place of infection , leading to the inability of the person's performance, which reduces the effectiveness of performance.
B - activate immune cells:
With the onset of the injury and the emergence of antigen in the body, the cells Alokolh address, and then surrounded and consumed ... If you can not depending on the severity and the degree of injury and Antigenic consisting them, they do recognize it, then carry it cells Almmelthah "Macrawfaj", and submit it to the helper T lymphocytes, is associated with a genetic tag MHC   , And this serves as a warning for all cells of the immune system, that there is a foreign body entered the environment body and starts the role immune system cells by type of this antigen in response to the return of the injured part to what it was, and by type of antigenic Cells (b) secrete antibodies that are similar in composition, with the installation of the western part antigenic component, which begins to address him until the activity stops and then eliminate it.
C - immune function:
And then begin adult cells "Almkrovaj" in the secretion of cytokines, and these substances each used to activate immune system cells, and each has an effect on stop activity UFO including (IL and interferon .. etc), and so we find that the heat that occurs to the place of infection, but are within the means of defense used by the immune system, and after that you can immune system cells from the control of the resulting interactions, back the role of cytokines in conversion Alokolh cells to their religion to the outputs of these injury.
D - the end of the defensive role of the immune system:
This is done by activating another type of T cell called   NK eells   , Or natural killer cells, and participates in a CMOS device Complement   Antigenic easily swallow resulting from injury, and secrete chemicals easier to kill him and get rid of it and a patient's return to his graduation, and then T cells inhibitory TsSend chemical signals through cytokines to suppress immune system activity, after disposal of residues injury or foreign objects (microbes, viruses etc. ..) in the case of illness, so that does not cells of the immune system to attack each other, and lead to serious injury can not be treated , and this is what happens in cases of autoimmune diseases, where it activates the immune system, and directs his attack against a member of the body.