Sunday, December 20, 2015

Pre-filled pens insulin Pre - filled Insulin pens.. Subcutaneous insulin injections

It is a Pens likeness with liquid ink pens used to inject insulin under the skin. There Cartridge (bottle) filled with insulin (usually containing 150 or 300 units of insulin - 1.5 or 3 ml). There are several forms of cartridges for most types of insulin used. There is at the tip of the pen needle minutes short and ranging in length between half an inch to less than a third of an inch (about 5 mm) and WVGA between 29-31 are replaced at each insulin injection. Although the pens were until recently a complicated and difficult to use, but the new species containing insulin easy to use and are discarded after use, which allows for a diabetic to give the required dose accurately. Examples of such pens Humulin , Humalog And others.
And through the pens can give small doses of up to half a unit to 12 units. The dose depends on the doctor's prescription processor. The dose of insulin can be controlled by moving the pen button in even watch the number of units to be injected. The specific mechanism that allows breaking the needle under the skin is paying the required amount of insulin. And are then disposed of the cartridge after completion, as well as the needle and replace it with a new one. In many of the cases are disposed of the same pen.