Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Predisposing factors for coronary heart disease.. High blood cholesterol. High blood pressure. Obesity. Diabetes

Which is a significant risk factor and is very common among young people with heart stroke. If young people want to protect themselves from what has happened ilk into the trap of a heart stroke, Vliqlawa cigarettes today.
High Blood Cholesterol:
The higher cholesterol increased risk of cardiovascular disease. And the people to commit themselves to a low-fat diet with exercise a kind of physical activity.
The higher the blood pressure, increased risk of cardiovascular disease. And the control of blood pressure also protects against stroke and kidney failure.
These three factors: smoking, high blood cholesterol, high blood pressure are the main factors that cause coronary heart disease. There are other factors   Such as:
Obesity is defined as increased BMI of 30 kg / m 2. And we'll talk about obesity in the second topic in detail as it is an important factor of the predisposing factors for cardiovascular disease "
Studies have confirmed that diabetics are more prone to infection of coronary heart disease, and obesity and lack of exercise helps in the increased incidence of diabetes.
Lack of physical activity
Psychological factors
Other studies confirm that acute exposure to psychological pressure can cause heart from heart attacks heart Kjlth or severe disorder of heart rhythm.
Are role of heredity?
There is no doubt that the presence of a family history of a stroke in the heart when the father or mother or one of the brothers and sisters in the age before the age of fifty predispose to occurrence of coronary heart disease.