Saturday, December 19, 2015

Pregnancy planning methods when sick sugar.. Pill. IUD, injections containing progesterone, the diaphragm, linking the fallopian tube. Ovariectomy, condoms, insulation

There are several ways sick sugar can be used to prevent pregnancy but you should consult your physician before embarking on the use of any kind of treatments.
- Pill.
There are two main types of pills:
1. Pills containing estrogen and progesterone.
2. Cereals containing progesterone only.
The patient must avoid using sugar first type containing estrogen because it leads to high blood sugar, and may result in problems in the blood vessels, and reduces the effect of insulin.
The second type, containing progesterone only, there are no problems of use on blood sugar when sick sugar.
- There are other means of contraception, such as IUDs, injections containing progesterone, and the diaphragm, and tying the fallopian tubes or ovariectomy, condoms, and insulation during fertilization. This means suitable for diabetics.