Friday, December 18, 2015

Psychological complications of diabetes.. Depression. Mental fatigue. Stress and anxiety. Obsessive-compulsive disorder. Social panic. Dependence on smoking

May lead diabetes to a lot of psychological problems, a study conducted in Turkey (in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Suleyman Demirel) having psychological problems following in a group of diabetics Type II and the level of glycated hemoglobin have more than 7% (ie, they suffer from high sugar in the blood in the previous three months):
1 - depression   Major depressive disorder in 67.5% of the bitter Dy.
2 - mental fatigue Dysthymic disorder In 10 %.
3 - stress and anxiety   Anxiety disorders   At 7.5%.
4 - OCD Obsessive compulsive disorder   5%.
5 - panic disease Social Social phobia At 2.5%.
6 - rely on smoking   Nicotine dependence At 7.5%.
While the results showed in the same study in another set of type II diabetics actually under control (glycated hemoglobin less than 7%) and the presence of psychological problems following:
1 - depression in 43.8% of patients.
2 - mental fatigue in 10.9%.
3 - paranoia Paranoid disorders   At 3.1%.
4 - obsessive-compulsive disorder in 6.3% 0
5 - social panic patients at 4.7%.
6 - stress and anxiety in 6.3% 0
7 - to rely on smoking in 9.4%.
Conclusion In this study is that depression is more common in diabetic patients who suffer from high blood diabetes (non-control) more than diabetics who was the level of sugar in their blood under medical control.