Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Reasons for the spread of Irritable Bowel Syndrome.. Lifestyle change and the spread of excessive luxury and lack of exercise and bad diet and the spread of fast food restaurants and mood swings and nervous tension and psychological

Indicates the majority of specialists and researchers to spread IBS during the last twenty years and strikingly, making it the most important and the most contemporary diseases prevalent and presence, not exaggerating if I said that fifty percent of the population in the Gulf states suffering from irritable bowel syndrome, change of lifestyle and the spread of prosperity excessive and lack of exercise and bad diet and the spread of what has become known restaurants fast food and mood swings and nervous tension, psychological and whole lot of reasons led to the expansion of the spread of irritable bowel syndrome.
Also because of a link IBS situation psychological Kaltotr and anxiety and depression, the spread of this disease are frequent among people exposed to psychological pressures
We find IBS frequently in business and speculative stocks and between male and female teachers, and as a result, the IBS is spreading among professionals which increases the tension a lot. 
In a study conducted by four in some Arab countries, including Yemen and Egypt show that IBS is spread between males and women alike in both Egypt and up to (41%) and in Yemen by (39%) which is scary especially that IBS in Yemen Egypt was rare, and also because the population of such countries were dependent for their food on the balance as a result of environmental excellence and social activity of her family and population.