Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Reincarnation.. The integration of personal character unconscious

Process resorted to the individual unconscious, a Integration personal character ... Child may assume the character of his father, to feel the strength that aspire ... The father embodies the character his son, feels as felt by the son of the various colors of joy or sadness, or love or hate .... The story assume the reader charismatic hero ... The Personal assume the boy group to which he belongs, so the success is happening to the group his success, and frustration faced by the group, it is frustrating to him ..
So we find empathy or autism appear loving interviews, and begin to feel as felt by their loved ones, and even melt them, as if they were an integral whole ... At that says a father who embodies the character of the Son: "Feed the baby Balaha ... I got sweetness in my stomach."
At that poet also says:
I love, and I love we Rohan analyzed, we want to
The purpose of reincarnation or autism overcome the grief, Such as child her cat died, declaring that it has become a cat, and I took crawling on all fours, and abstained from food ...
The purpose of reincarnation or autism freedom from fear and anxiety, as it appears in children's games, when the child's representation of the role of the dentist, and the dislocated tooth younger brother ...
The purpose of reincarnation or autism freedom from extreme fear of the aggressor, Such as fear Jews from the Nazis, made ​​them Atqmsoa personal aggressor (the Nazis), allowing them an opportunity to overcome the fear of Arabs and direct aggression against them, and allowed them to prepare for the psychological balance.