Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Secondary elements rush of Dermatology.. Cracks. Abrasions. Atrophy. Althzz. Scars. Pigmentation defect

** Cracks: produce longitudinal break in inflamed tissue Khqaq feet and pap.
** Abrasions Excoriations : Superficial skin lesions caused by raised nails result itching written.
** Macular Atorphy : Paper skin and change Aartsamath and lines and can be accompanied by pigmentary changes.
** Althzz Lichenification : The thickness of the skin and increase the visibility of Aartsamath and often recite chronic itching.
** Scars Sears : Is a new industrial fabric form rather than the loss of material skin deep or as a result of a skin disease, and damage the hair follicles and is hypertrophic or atrophic.
** Defect pigmentation:
* Increased pigmentation (melasma and freckles).
* Decrease pigmentation (vitiligo).