Sunday, December 20, 2015

Signs of pregnancy when doctors Arabs.. Menopause. Evil lust restaurants, Lust mud. Vomiting and Altbzk. Stomach ache. Algshe palpitations

Male doctors Arabs in general the following potential markers of pregnancy:
1) Menopause menstruation : Or what they call sometimes the absence of blood, or you do not see women for the session. But they did not distinguish clicks of menopause menstruation Physiological (pregnancy) and between menopause menstruation Patients, and did not renew the reason this offer, Vengdam determine signs some Kraha diseases or other (b displays them what is being offered to pregnant women from the interruption of blood and ...), also return winning bleeding during the first months of pregnancy (a common condition, and often sound) to a menstruation when pregnant, and we know that the menstrual menstruation Does not occur when pregnant, but the similarity of their commands and make no distinction between them.
2) Evil lust restaurants, (lust clay): It was mentioned that each Arab doctors often did not renew the time of occurrence, and did not renew their cause., But some considered an offer to disease in the fetus must be treated with medicines tonic for the health of the fetus.
3) Vomiting vomiting And Altbzk: Although he offered very common, but hardly affects every pregnant but doctors Arabs (except Razi) did not IeirĊh attention, and rarely mentioned in ancient books, but we find male and clear for the treatment of disease states than in most previous books, often in (what prevents Gthianhen) and this, as if never Ateke offer but soon to be of the problems that afflict pregnant.
4) Stomach ache: was mentioned by a number of doctors, and reminded him when treatments of much pain either change the food or using some complex recipes.
Algshe palpitations: found when a small number of doctors mentioned a show symptoms of pregnancy without mention of the cause, but we find them putting multiple processors for pregnant women who Asabehn many times Algshe.