Friday, December 18, 2015

The most important functions carbohydrates and sugary.. Activating the movement of the digestive system and keeping the balance of acidity in the body and get rid of toxins

** Provide the body with thermoplastic
** Active movement of the digestive system so that the expulsion of waste out of the body.
** To help preserve the balance of acidity in the body.
** In addition, it means to get rid of toxins formed within the body.
** Proteins went to work in the maintenance and compensation for the damaged tissues and cells in the body.
** Some micro-organisms that live in the human intestine starch analysis for heat used in the construction of certain vitamins in the body.
We have learned that sugar provide the body heat, but wasteful use of sugars the body loses his appetite to eat, and the sugars cause tooth decay in the absence cleaned and there are some people who Eitnolun breakfast and are satisfied with a cup of tea or coffee, if this habit food wrong and make sure it is enough to have a friend apply to him these behaviors, watch him and notice how complain of fatigue quickly through his work and the reason that man focuses its daily in the morning Visthlk body heat Astmayora than eat and as a friend that did not take but a cup of coffee or Tea soon will feel tired: If breakfast is essential not Must be dispensed with and must be addressed.
And is not new to know that the body needs to fatty substances, which can be obtained either from plant sources such as: seed oil Alqtunn olive oil, walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, or from animal sources such as animal fats, butter, ghee, cream, fish oil, eggs.