Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The prevalence of obesity in children.. Diet health threat from lifting rates of obesity and associated diseases

It is estimated that 15% of children in the United States are considered overweight studies have shown a sudden rise in the number of obese children in the past few decades in this country and about 25% of black children and the reasons are those with excessive weight and there are no accurate statistics about the spread of the disease in the Arab country.
But the rapid spread of this phenomenon in the Gulf societies, especially among the new generations of concern and needs to controlled controls.
For example, Dr. Abdul Rahman, head of the Arab Center for Nutrition in Bahrain that another statistical study published
Obesity among students in schools Gulf, showed that between 20 to 27 per cent of primary school pupils and 28 to 35 per cent for students intermediate stage, and about more than 35 per cent of secondary students are overweight and obesity, high rates if the compared to previous years. 
And with respect to Saudi Arabia, the field statistics showed that 52 per cent of the total adults are obese, while 66 per cent complained of Saudi women are overweight.
Either among teenagers and children figures are still high, as 18 per cent of teenagers and 12 per cent of children under school age and 7 per cent of infants suffering from obesity.
The study attributed the reasons for the increasing phenomenon of obesity in Saudi society for many reasons in the forefront of the high purchasing power between the segments of the society and the spread of fast-food restaurants and clean, remarkable in dietary habits in addition to low effort kinetic and physical activity for individuals is one of the most important reasons.
In general, the West is moving to total dependence on food prepared and processed each day than before.
The 60 per cent of the population are obese in the Arab countries and including Sudan has become the disease as a result of changing dietary habits thing can not silence him, it has become this kind of food emergency represents health threat is the increasing rates of obesity and diseases associated with obesity in Sudan and Arab countries according to Statistics.