Friday, December 18, 2015

Vildagliptin.. Increased secretion of insulin from the pancreas. Improve the level of sugar in the blood in patients with type II diabetes

No luck scientists that the secretion of insulin in the blood increases when dealing with human sugar through the mouth more than is the case when injecting liquid sugar intravenously. This led the researchers to the discovery of the hormone secreted by intestinal cells leads to increased secretion of insulin from the pancreas, called hormone Ankeratin (incretin). It has been observed that patients with type II diabetes have as a deficit in the secretion of the hormone. 
The drug Feldakulaibtin of new drugs that can be used in patients with type II diabetes in addition to their usual medication. This drug is currently undergoing clinical trials on volunteers of diabetics in several regions of the world in preparation for registration by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA ). 
And this drug is rapidly absorbed from the gut when taken by mouth. Food affects slightly the speed of absorption. And combines with blood proteins to a very few, and is converted by the liver into compounds is effectively disposed of the body through the urine. 
Mechanism of drug action:
Characterized drug Feldakulaibtin improving the level of sugar in the blood in patients with type II diabetes by increasing the secretion of hormone Ankeratin and inhibiting enzymes that lead to broken down and lack of effectiveness.
Therapeutic dose:
Given drug Feldakulaibtin the form of tablets for oral in patients with type II diabetes, either alone or with medicines for diabetes such as Alambtforman, and set sulfonylureas, Altheozouliden debts or insulin in the event that the patient to adjust the level of blood sugar through diet, sports or using a single drug.The recommended dose ranging between 50-100 mg per day. And if required the use of this drug at a dose of 100 mg can be taken once a day or give it in the form of two doses the amount of 50 mg each morning and evening. There is no need for dose adjustment in patients with impaired liver function and kidney, but not recommended to use this medication if the individual is suffering from kidney disease in its final stages.
Possible side effects:
Side effects are common due to the use of this medicine:
* Headache, nausea
* Debility
* Constipation
* Pain in the joints